Colgate University-Hamilton, NY Private Dining and Lodging

Colgate University is a private liberal arts college is located in the rural village of Hamilton, NY. Founded in 1819 as the Baptist Education Society of the State of New York. After many name changes, in 1890 it official became Colgate University. Colgate University enrolls about 3,000 students in 56 undergraduate majors.

Colgate University is also just one of the many colleges and institutions that are close to Tyler Manor Inn and Lodge. Located less than twenty miles from campus, Tyler Manor is proud to be able to offer private dinners, as well as weekly guest rentals for families that are in the area for college events such as parent’s weekend, graduation, alumni week and homecoming. The Lodge at Tyler Manor is a weekly overnight guest rental that includes a full kitchen, 2.5 baths, a great room, 4 Queen sized beds, 2 Queen sized Sofa Sleepers, and 2 Full sized Sofa Sleepers, providing plenty of room for up to 14 guests. It also boasts two bars, two fire areas, plenty of parking, and a 6-person outdoor spa for your enjoyment.

The Lodge is also just steps away from the Circa 1889 Manor that offers a beautiful venue perfect for private dinners for up to 18 guests visiting nearby Colgate University. Enjoy a private, 3-hour, 5 course dinner at the Manor and then walk a few steps back to the quaint Lodge and enjoy the rest of the night in the Jacuzzi- no driving required! Tyler Manor Inn and Lodge has all the amenities to entertain family and have a relaxing week that will become your home away from home- all just minutes to and from the Colgate University campus.

For parents and family of Colgate University student athletes, Tyler Manor, in association with Dwyer Real Estate, also offers room accommodations at our Nine Mile Crossing Boutique Motel. Located just 1 mile from Tyler Manor, these modern luxury suites feature Queen sized beds, Stylish Baths, Kitchenettes, and on-site Laundry. Available for a week or an entire athletic season, these rooms eliminate the hassle of constant itinerary bookings and travel luggage. No more overnight packing or missing events- see every game or event of the season your schedule allows without the hassle of constantly trying to find overnight accommodations. After the games, celebrate the wins while dining at Tyler Manor- just 1 mile from your personal luxury suite! 

Tyler Manor Inn and Lodge and Nine Mile Crossing Luxury Suites- Exclusive Dining and Lodging for all things Colgate University.

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